Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dealing with Climate Change

Every day we learn more about climate change and the impacts of human demand for energy on the environment. Consider the impact of each degree of global warming as shown on the national geographic web site, the thought of 5 or 6 degree change in temperature points out at disastrous consequences. Equally scary is the statement about the fast speed of change that will bring these changes in next 40 years. Yes 40 years, when our kids and grand kids would face very unpleasant energy scenarios. What will happen if the oil and energy prices go up another 100 or 200% above todays prices?
Scientists also project extreme weather conditions with droughts in some places and flooding in other areas. These weather events can cause massive movements of people who live in impacted areas, raising security concerns and problems beyond our imagination.
This situation demands immediate action to deal with the climate change and not waste time in arguing about the cause of climate change. Adopting sustainable green design practices is essential at each level of government. California, New York City are setting good example for others to follow with the goal of energy conservation and development of alternative energy sources.
Let us take action now before it is too late.