Saturday, July 08, 2006

Prevention or Cure for Climate change problems

Global warming and climate change are hot topics these days as Mr. Gore and his movie " An Inconvenient truth" is seen by people.

Unfortunately some will discuss it with their own political agenda in mind because some of the scenes in the movie had nothing to do with the problem but blaming Mr. Bush and Republicans.
Discussing the politics would not help solve these real issue of climate change. Action at the grass roots level is required and each person need to think about what he or she can do about it.
Fortunately, there are simple changes we can adopt to save money and also help prevent these problems.

Stormwater and flooding are ever increasing issues we face. New Orleans in 2005 and many severe storms in 2006 caused problems across our nation. The fact is that we have built the impervious surfaces as we develop with parking lots and buildings causing more of runoff going into our rivers and lakes. Climate change is dumping a lot more water in shorter time and this causes problems as the pipes are not big enough or not maintained.

So what should we do? On this issue we can start by building green roofs and stormwater retention and recycling systems at each large development site. Existing large sites can start by modifying their stormwater discharges and reuse it for conserving water and prevent flooding down stream. They can save energy, water and help prevent environmental problems.
It is lot cheaper to solve this issue by prevention as compared to paying for all the damages caused by inaction.
Please share other ideas on this topic to help our communities.