Saturday, December 10, 2005

For sustainable/Green Actions - Everyone Counts!

Global warming is on the news with an International meeting taking place in Canada. We are again a target for blame as " non participating nation" and our Presidential policies are being criticized. Do we need to wait for Washington to set policies and act in our own communities? When people take power in their own hands and FIRST change their own environment, progress takes place from grass roots. Sooner or later politicians listen and start doing what the voters want.
Let us start taking the action now. Do not worry what others do ...just share with them what is the right thing to do for protecting nature and learn to live without waste. Here are some examples;
We do not need national policy to tell us that all the parking light lights do no good after midnight. Why not set the timer clock to turn it off at midnight??
While we drive in the morning, notice the street lights on??? Most of the time there is enough day light that it would not make much difference if they were shut at 6 AM.
Natural white light is best for our health and must be used to replace our old light bulbs that need changing so often and are very inefficient in use of energy. Make the investment in more costly light bulb for your health and saving energy.
The best approach would be to pass on the message for adopting sustainable green concepts to our leaders in community and businesses.
Walk alone if necessary but do the right thing.