Sunday, April 22, 2012

Energy Independence is Earth day message!

Earthday 2012 has special message and hope for America to seek energy independence. Let us resolve to make our oil import zero by 2020. New cars running on natural gas are coming to help live with our own resources and not use gasoline.
I have driven my 2004 Prius for over 230,500 miles. Now I am ready to take delivery of my plug in hybrid Prius next week. Hopefully my commute to the office will be on electric using the night time recharging. Better days are ahead for us as we learn to conserve energy and develop new green power sources at the consumer sites.
Earthday 2013 will be better with application of Green technologies in sustainable green communities.

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At 5:15 AM, Anonymous Amy said...

I support the effort for Go Green community. I hope, my small contribution can help the world and inspire others to be environmentally sensitive.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger ram shrivastava said...

Thank you for your support of the Green efforts. We can each make individual contributions.
Changes are taking place in our communities as we share knowledge about the benefits of Green.
Better days are ahead.


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