Friday, November 04, 2011

Communities seek Economic Development Now. How?

Energy costs continue to rise and debts faced by communities are at all time high. How to stimulate the economy? Create jobs?
What we need is a long term strategy to deal with this issue. Energy Independence by conserving and generating energy offers a solution.
In past, America has invested Trillions on defending oil in middle east and other countries. As the soldiers come home, they can be trained to work on new Green economy to produce new products. The money spent on arms and funding the wars can now be invested in new innovative green products.
It is time we produce the next generation solar, wind and other conservation products in America and reduce our energy demand. The money saved from not importing foreign oil can be invested in local economy and help us develop our own infrastructure. It is time we invest in America and put our soldiers and resident fight the Energy War and become free.

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