Sunday, December 20, 2009

Job creation with sustainable green initiatives

The news media is filled with concerns that why jobs are not being created faster and if Green jobs are really possible, even after billions of borrowed dollars are spent by our federal government. How can it happen and what to do in our communities is on the minds of our government officials.
The solutions can emerge from discussions held within the people who work in the public sectors , with guidance from private sector professionals acting as advisers.
Cost reduction and infrastructure investments are goals of the grant funding stimulus programs. Therefore, First identify existing conditions and costs and get input from the team in each department where efficiency and cost reduction are possible. Collect the ideas and then think about what can do it more efficiently and at lower cost. Evaluate the costs and financial returns and decide about the priorities. This sustainable green assessment can be the supporting document to seek funding to improve the community. Jobs will be created as you implement the projects and then money saved can help expand into more jobs in future.
This is very simple approach and requires collaboration. Action would be lot better as compared to complaining about what is wrong in the system.



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