Saturday, August 15, 2009

Urban wind turbines are here to make power in our communities

last week was great and inspiring for me. Small wind turbines that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing are under development and demonstration by many companies.

I was fortunate to meet the founder owner of one of these companies. This engineer is Princeton educated with PhD and expertise in thermodynamics & fluid dynamics. He shared information on many nature based products that could soon offer us renewable energy and conservation solutions to fight the war of independence from Oil.

My mind is now in high gear to think of the ways to try demonstrate these products in our Rochester NY communities and learn practical lessons and confirm the projections for costs and performance.

Imagine a large Fan in the shape of a sun flower , mounted on roof tops or poles making power in the areas where average wind speeds of 12 mph are available. This is reality now in many installations in Asia. Hopefully, soon these installations will be seen in America to benefit individual consumers with the help of tax credits or incentives from Utility and Government programs.

Bottom line is that we can make power at the point of consumption for under 10 cents per KWH. Why wait when we pay 10 to 12 cents per KWH to utility. Go for it if you live in windy cities.


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