Sunday, June 21, 2009

Climate Change and Independence from Oil

The release of climate change related reports continues to confirm the reality that scientific observations show more rapid warming rate than originally projected. On Fathers day, I wonder what we are going to do leave for our kids and grand kids? Waste time in debating whether climate change or global warming is happening? Are we doing it or it is happening by some other natural phenomenon? The oil exporters win in this unnecessary debate since they get more and more of our money.
The change to alternative energy is critical and sustainable green communities are focusing on the energy issue. The flash floods in Milwaukee caused by extreme rain event last week simply gives a glimpse of what is expected to happen in future. Imagine 100 yr rainfall event taking place at 10 year interval?? Our infrastructure is not ready for it and must be modified to manage the storm water at the point of generation.
So here is what I intend to do on my part- Keep talking to municipalities that we need to think Green and go after any stimulus funding to retrofit our infrastructure to reduce energy use, produce new alternative energy and recycle and reuse the storm water. This will need education of Municipal leaders and the public as we move forward with the new hope and expectation to create green jobs and economic development. The money spent on energy must stay in America and not be allowed to go overseas to help others. It is our own fight for energy independence and it happens to be that it also helps fight climate change.
Whatever the reason for any political party, the action remains the same- focus on energy independence and water conservation. Our kid's future depends on it.


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