Sunday, April 12, 2009

Green Communities need to move fast to get stimulus funding

The goals of President Obama's stimulus investment package are great but the government process is very slow to get the money in the hands of local municipalities. Many agencies have taken months to make the rules for distributing the funds but forgot to allow enough time for educating the potential recipients. Now the State agencies want to move fast and have the application in 6 weeks. Unfortunately by the time communities learn about the details of the program and the documentation requirements, the deadline could be missed.
In New York the EFC is expecting all the applications need to be submitted by May 29th. This is an excellent chance to implement the green infrastructure projects and pay only 10% of the total cost. Hopefully the local communities will quickly move and take the required actions to bring significant savings in cost of operations. It is first come first serve, so those who are able to move fast will win the prize of 90% green grants.


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