Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sustainable Green Infrastructure for Energy Independence

The new funding for stimulus package has part of the funding designated for green infrastructure and many Agencies responsible for distributing the funds are looking for proposals from communities. What are the options that can be in construction in 120 days?
Many communities are looking for financial relief but not sure what makes practical sense. Coming months will define what green infrastructure means for many communities as they apply for funding across America.
Communities must look for investments in such items that save energy, water or other resources that are part of the operating budget so they can benefit from reduced costs forever. Examples would be to replace all old style street lights with LED lighting fixtures, Fix old leaky water distribution system or reline the old sewers to reduce infiltration inflow, install more efficient HVAC system in old buildings and retrofit municipal trucks to run on bio diesel fuel.
It would also make sense to involve the government staff and local volunteers to undertake green planning effort to get public input and focus on their community needs. Planning first will help identity priorities and make it possible to take advantage of future funding programs in organized manner.
We are on the right track to find solutions to America's quest for energy independence.


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