Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smart communities should treat small businesses as Goose that lays golden eggs

In this economy there are many communities that are facing decline in industrial commercial activities. This is the time to look at large tax payers as revenue producers and therefore worth preserving. Think of them as a goose that lays golden egg every day and can fly away to another pond. To assure getting the golden egg one must ask the goose what can we do make you happy and provide assistance to resolve any problems. This is the proactive approach.
In the same way, the Mayors and Supervisors should be calling the CEO of the companies that create jobs in their community and find out what are their problems. Sustainable green planning takes a comprehensive approach to involve all aspects of our community and find ways to make them cost efficient. Look for funding assistance to resolve critical problems and keep the existing businesses and job creating entities from leaving town. This requires change from the attitude that assumes that all tax payers will continue to stay in town. In free democracy the goose can fly to neighboring state and be treated like welcome guest with many incentives offered to move.
Only smart planning and proactive approach can help us deal with this issue.



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