Monday, October 15, 2007

Noble Peace Prize for Noble Cause

Well today is the Bloggers environmental message day! It was great to see the Noble pize this year shared between Mr. Gore and the UN climate group. The message supports the concern for saving the globe from going out of balance and resulting in massive natural disasters.
Green initiatives are common sense approaches to conserve not waste and most of the time win win proposition. It is time we become smart consumers and shed the dependence on oil. What is needed is long term perspective. Start to think in 10 to 15 year plans and implement today what can save us money over the long run. Expecting 1-2 year returns is common from their investments in the corporate world. However, Government should be providing incentives and long term financing to build systems with solar or geothermal technology that may take 10 year payback but gets us off the oil habit.
Fortunately tax free bonding is available to the towns and villages and this source could be used to fund Green projects. Sustainable green communities should promote such program by using this funding approach and get the systems installed in their communities. Wisdom at the top can certainly guide the rest as we take this journey.


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