Monday, December 25, 2006

Making Money with Green Design

It was good to see financial publications publishing articles about sustainability and pointing out that green buildings are good for Corporate America. I congratulate Barron's for publishing an article by Charles Lockwood in Dec. 25, 2006 issue ( page 37). This is a well written article stating facts and dispelling the misinformation that green buildings cost more. The truth is that they cost less over the life time of the structure and will hold investment value.

Imagine the majority of real estate holders with old building concerned about future value of their investment when newer buildings are GREEN and customers prefer them. The choice is very simple. Rehabilitate the old buildings and make them as Green as practical. Energy cost reduction will bring immediate benefit to the owners and occupants, and the value will be retained.

Helping fight the global warming and control the climate change are added benefits.


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