Saturday, August 05, 2006

Municipalities should talk about their green programs

When we make presentations on green community to the Cities, Villages, and Towns, the most common response is that we are already doing some of these things. It is great that they are doing it, but why keep it quiet? Community involvement brings better results and enhancement of the program to all areas of government service.

The first step is to talk to all department leaders and find out what activities are currently going on and how we can increase participation. The best way to leverage the efforts is to have an interactive working role between departments. For example if the highway department has yard waste composting operation, then the solid waste collection group could look for food waste recycling at the same location and then promote the use of compost product by the residents.

Preparing a combined sustainable green program for the community will include all of the activities covering all aspects and then promote it to the residents to get their feedback.
Slowly the level of participation builds and benefits increase.

In the end, the community will feel good about doing something to help the environment and conserve resources.


At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get those communities involved! A suggestion is that they trial disposing of biodegradable material in a communal bin at the intersection of every 4 or so houses. This free resource could then be used as fertilizer by any would-be local gardener, who could redistribute some of the resulting produce to their neighbours, strengthening community ties.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger ram shrivastava said...

The concept is good and needs local folks to decide what makes sense for them.
Public lands can be used for creating composting trenches using worms and convert the organic food wastes from large kitchens and restaurants and provide the product to the residents for use on their gardens.


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