Sunday, October 14, 2007

Green Communities create Jobs and economic development

The main benefits known from Green building initiatives are energy and health. However sustainable thinking helps create opportunities for local businesses to create and sustain jobs. Use of recycle content promotes reuse and helps salvage companies in metal, wood, plastics and concrete. The concept of locally grown food with use of natural fertilizers helps agriculture and small farmers to deliver fresh food and require less transportation. Alternative energy projects would allow to reevaluate old sites for flour mills, small micro hydro installation to make power. Many of these concepts form the sustainable green ideas that communities need to review as they assess their own assets and move forward with this journey.
Planning green initiatives with the involvement of local citizen is the best way to tap this enormous talent that is willing to contribute to make their community a Quality community. In Rochester area, the Town of Irondequoit, Town of Brighton and City of Auburn are taking this step. We will report the progress as these initiatives are implemented in future.


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