Saturday, August 28, 2010

Small Businesses Need Green to Go Green

This week, the main news items tell us that our economy is flat and not growing. Jobless rate is the highest and the cost of money is lowest. So why are people not making investment in their infrastructure? The banks are not lending while Federal Government considers putting 30 billion in the hands of small businesses through small local banks. Great concept if one can make it simple and easy to implement.Only time will tell how this plan unfolds.
Creating jobs in green infrastructure retrofits is the best way to help small businesses. They can achieve long term financial gain by investing in efficient conservation or renewable energy generation systems. Making their building or plant a "Net Zero" facility is possible if we allow the projects to be financed over life cycle. The can payback the loan from the savings and enjoy the low energy forever, while gaining independence from conventional energy source.
The key is providing low cost money paid over 5-10 years, secured by their property and the equipment installed to save or generate energy.Hope the Leaders in our Federal and State Governments will take advantage of this strong economic development tool. We send Billions to fight wars or natural disasters. It is time we invest in America and do the right thing.

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