Sunday, February 07, 2010

Go Green at Manufacturing Plants

Most communities that are taking steps to go green are looking for energy savings, waste recycling or water conservation at their facilities. An important part of this effort should be to promote this concept to their local industrial manufacturing plants that create employment and economic development. Helping keep the tax base is critical to their sustainability and energy and utility costs are a major concern at such facilities.

Many programs available to help the private sector with grants and technical assistance are available through non profits or technology development centers in the State of New York and other states. These organizations have difficulty in reaching out to the actual users so most of the industrial manufacturing plants are unaware of potential funding opportunities. The solution lies with active and coordinated role by the existing economic and Industrial development agencies to get the message out that help is available to implement green retrofits to reduce cost.

This should be a key part of all energy conservation planning efforts in sustainable green communities.



At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Saving accounts said...

Going green really does save money. Not only with your taxable deductions, but also with heating/cooling costs. Energy efficient products provide savings all around.


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