Thursday, September 03, 2009

Urban Sustainable Green Landscape is ready for change

I met a Village Mayor today and mentioned how communities need to look long range for saving energy and controlling costs. The reality is that taxes are high and costs must be contained by using new green power technology.
Wind turbines were mentioned in our conversation and the typical image of very tall units of megawatt production capacity came to their mind. They could not imagine what the wind turbines of small size would like spread over typical Village and Town landscape. Actual installation can only make it possible for people to visualize a positive image and support such future installations. Creative designs are needed to make an artistic impact to win over the hearts and minds of local residents.
Check the following links to see what is possible at very small in 1 to 50KW size located on top of buildings in the communities with wind potential.
We are planning a 1 KW demonstration project near Lake Ontario or in Finger Lakes community to collect performance data and project the cost of Power production. The expectation is that we can produce power under 6 cents per KWH and fix it for long term. With rising cost of power in 2010 onwards, installation of wind gardens in small communities will show one way to harvest what mother nature has given us to energize our communities.


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At 5:26 PM, Blogger ram shrivastava said...

There is need for many small new urban wind and solar power examples of residential applications. The banks and local governments can help by providing 5 years loans to enable the cost to be spread over time. With State energy capital cost subsidy and federal tax credits it is possible for the annual savings in energy to be more than the loan payment. This type of program will spread very fast by word of mouth.
On earth day communities can arrange green home tours and let everone know about the oppotunity to have long term savings and control cost of energy.


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