Friday, June 12, 2009

Smart communities think long term solutions

As the federal stimulus funds come to communities across America some will act smarter than others. It is normal to expect old pet projects to be first on line to build with this money. If the project does not generate a constant sustainable source of money then the choice is not good one. Smart communities are those who will do the projects that save them energy and water costs and they will invest the savings each year in similar activities. Smart communities are those that will set aside a percentage of grant funds into a revolving loan fund for their residents and business owners to borrow at zero interest loans and make energy efficiency retrofits. The first thing to do with such funds is to set aside 20% for strategic planning of sustainable green projects with community input from all stakeholders.
Economic development and job creation is expected to be the long term impact of such investments. Let us see what choices our community leaders make.



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