Monday, June 01, 2009

Smart Communities Collaborate for Improvements

These are very unusual times and at the same time very exciting times for all communities. As stimulus money becomes available, it brings some strings that can help us all. Recently the Block grant funding from Department of Energy ( DOE) was announced and it requires completion of sustainable green energy plan as a condition for the capital grant. The rules are known and some smart communities will move fast and start the planning process NOW. What is the payoff for the risk? getting hold of 90% grants to reduce costs in the community and help the private sector improve their plants become efficient.
Imagine Town of " opportunity" undertaking the green planning and forming a group of stakeholders of all government department heads and including the local schools, and businesses in identifying the areas where they can conserve energy, create green power and save on water. With input from local residents the plan lists the potential improvements, costs and their benefits. This planning report would be submitted with the grant application in July and then hopefully beat other communities who have not done the planning. Money comes to Town of Opportunity and saves them money each year forever. The money saved with green initiatives will fund many other future projects, and the Town gets financially stronger. Businesses reduce cost, stay in Town and create jobs. Soon such a dream could come true.. This is the time smart communities will notice the trends and lead as compared to " do nothing" attitude.
Leadership and foresight in Mayors, Supervisors and County executives would be tested very soon as the Grant applications are made available by State Agencies. Time will tell who loses and who wins.


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