Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sustainable Green Communities are Smart Communities

As we move into Green Economy new words are being used to recognize the communities for their foresight and leadership to save energy and protect the environment. We are all familiar with " Energy Star" labels for appliances and homes. Now " Energy smart" is being promoted for communities that implement certain energy efficiency related measures. New York State is now promoting " Climate Smart" pledge for communities that adopt energy and some environmental measures to improve quality of life. Considering the results of lower cost and enhanced quality of life achieved by Green communities, we should consider a more universal term - " Sustainable Smart" community that incorporates all virtues of sustainability including energy, climate, environment, transportation, recreation, public housing, education etc. etc.

Time has come for our Municipal Leaders to follow what President Obama has done at the Federal Level by striving for Energy Independence. Why wait for Federal program when every Community can take control within their own hands to become " Sustainable Smart" community. A pledge for energy independence is every citizen's right and privilege and we hope that our Municipally leaders will lead the way by helping us reduce our energy costs and providing incentives for green retrofits. Billions of dollars of pension funds could be the source to put some of it in Revolving green fund that can be used for 5-10 year loans to residents and small businesses and paid back from the future energy savings. It is win -win proposal as the money never ends and savings pay for the retrofits. Let us go for it!


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