Friday, March 28, 2008

Preserving water is smart Green Action

I am visiting India for a short 9 day trip and noted the local growth in housing and public infrastructure with amazement. The landscape here looks thirsty for water and dust particles in air are everywhere. You just wonder what would happen if the design of storm sewer system shifted its goal to take water away and dump into a drainage channel. What if the design maximized the capture of this water on site and reuse it for maintaining grass or plant cover. The outside paved surfaces would be pervious areas keeping it cool and allowing water to go through and store it underground.

Global warming has shifter the patterns and it is time we learn to deal with it and design our communities with future impact of extreme weather in mind. Water shortages are predictable and at the same time rain may come few times but with high intensity. Store it for times of dry spells is the only smart way to deal with and not expect the municipality to supply all the water needed for a growing community. Smart planners would deal with it via smart design and preserve this valuable natural gift of life. Our life and plants life depends on water. Nations leaders must focus on promoting and providing incentives for local rain water harvesting solutions at new community developments. Cooler outside land area will also help in lower energy cost and allow better green environment with less dust polluting the air.

This thinking as much valid for India as any other place and there are signs that more people are now open to Green ideas.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Janie Coffey said...

Absolutely great point. In Florida, more homeowners and developers are switching to "Florida Friendly Landscaping" which needs much less water and is friendly to the environment.... (and more economical to boot!)


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