Sunday, April 04, 2010

Green is Gold- a Sustainability Mantra

As the temperature hit 86 degrees at Rochester NY on April 3,2010, the local weather station reminded us that we are beating the warmest spring record in last 40 years. At the same times Rhode Island is under water with largest rainfall event in their recent history. What is going on?
I am sure some Radio commentators will say- it has nothing to do with climate change or Global warming in Monday's broadcast. We are motivated by either Fear or Greed. So if taking corrective action will help us all, the better approach may be to talk positive.
I am now focusing on the benefits of Green initiatives and point out that Green is Gold. This is true for many communities that are taking action to reduce energy and water consumption and promote recycling of materials. It is also true for many industrial plants that want to reduce their energy and operating costs and have access to money for growth and making other improvements. Local Governments and Industrial development authorities need to convey this mantra to their customers so they can also take the steps to Go Green because Green is Gold!
Ram Shrivastava


At 9:10 PM, Blogger bill said...

You make a valid point Ram. As green technology prices drop and people realize a quicker ROI payback, more energy-saving products will get put into use, and more green jobs will result.


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