Saturday, December 12, 2015

Climate Change Solutions Sought at Paris Global Summit. Goals set to save the Earth!

This is a historic day for the world. We are grateful for all the people who participated in the Paris meeting and made their contribution to the world.
There are folks that will point out what is not in the Climate Plan and others will point that at least this issue was publicly discussed over 2 weeks and a common consensus was reached by all.
Silently many technology research scientists work on new innovations that would be making transformation changes simply based on saving money for the people. Renewable energy is no longer a more expensive option. Solar and Wind can now compete with old  power production technologies and provide power at cheaper rates to the customers. Many progressive States like New York are promoting the distributed generation where the customer is encouraged to make their own power while connected to the grid.
The rapid rise of solar power was reflected by large commitments made by India, China and others.
What to expect in next 10 years? Whatever the Climate Plan says may be superseded by the reality that solar power is the smarter way to meet the future energy demands. Even solar PV power have been installed in oil rich middle eastern countries. What is next?
The future looks good for renewable energy and energy conservation, as the cheaper energy storage batteries will make the Utility companies not as relevant as in the past. If renewable power can be made for 5 cents per Kwh then why would anyone build a coal or oil fired power plants. It is time to shut these old polluting plants and shift to clean power.
God by to expensive oil is possible if all of us decide to curb our use and use most efficient clean fuels.
Seek energy independence for the sake of next generation and saving the earth!

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