Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What are we willing to pay for Energy Independence?

Climate change and Global warming are getting more accepted by people and there is willingness to take action to prevent future problems. There are now incentives available in New York State to help generate Green power with Solar PV and  farm waste digestion. These measures are good for the environment but sometime financially challenging to justify the investment.

Review of past movements related to freedom and independence clearly indicate the suffering and hardship by the people who supported it. It was the common good that prevailed and inspired the action.

Energy Independence should be the same for better long term results. If the cost is marginally higher today but cheaper in future then we should be willing to make this sacrifice or investment for the better future for next generation.
However, in reality people are willing to do it if it saves money TODAY.

It will take leadership and better communication of the dangers of inaction to increase greater participation. NY State is giving a positive push to this effort by including Green funding in the Development plan starting in 2013.
This will allow us to take a lead in this area as compared to rest of USA.

The Governor of  New York State should be congratulated for taking some bold action on promoting Green under the New York Rising program.

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