Saturday, September 22, 2012

New York State planning 400% increase in Solar PV

A new chapter is about to begin in New York State as the Governor announced a new program of funding to help large energy consumers to install system of over 50,000 watts to net meter against their usage. Over 100 million will be available over next 12 months for those who are willing to make a commitment to pursue solar power for their communities or facilities.
On first review it looks too good to be true. Imagine a program where a third party can install Million of Dollars of equipment on your site under a power purchase agreement (PPA) and you pay same amount or less to them for 5-7 years. after this period, you own the system for $1.00 and keep free solar power for next 30 years. The facility becomes energy independent, ever one wins. Let us see how many people take advantage of this program.
We hope that Leaders of communities and large facilities will not miss the opportunity and bid their projects ( max. limit per project of $6,000,000 with min. 50% match).
Such programs help bring the cost of solar power down, and  make it possible to dream of energy independence for anyone that has land or roof area to install systems on their property. Sustainable green energy is the best long term solution for America.
Good Luck!

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