Saturday, May 21, 2011

New York Ready for Energy Independence

A historic event is ready to happen soon that will help non residential consumers of power to become a producers of green energy and offset it against their 15 metered accounts. Both Senate and Assembly passed it on May 9th and now the bill was sent to the Governor for his approval and signature on May 20, 2011.
For all non residential consumers of less than 2 MW power use, this will be an excellent opportunity to make Green power wherever it is practical on their owned or leased property and then apply all of this power to their 15 metered service connections. If you produce what you use then you are energy independent. Vow!
No other state has this Law that frees the non residential consumer to take generation responsibility for their own energy use and fee Energy Independent.
Imagine school districts and non profits who are facing cash crisis and fearing high cost of energy now able to build wind, solar power systems and produce their own power anywhere on their land with long term low interest financing. What a relief!
Hopefully the Governor will sign this bill and New York based non residential users can take control of their energy future. Good Luck! Better days are ahead for New York.

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At 8:30 PM, Anonymous David Guion said...

I'm don't know much about the legal or regulatory conditions in the various states, but I do know that something similar to what you hope for in New York is already happening. Thomas Built Buses of High Point, North Carolina is providing land on which Duke Energy has installed 1690 solar panels. However they come about, I suspect that lots of relatively small-scale solar and wind installations may be more practical than a few very large projects. May large and small alternative energy projects flourish under any state's laws!


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