Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/2010 Resolution - Net Zero Energy

Today is a very special day and requires a commitment on our part to be ready to sacrifice for the sake of our future. America First needs Energy Independence from imported energy. Let us resolve today to be import free by 2020.
With Federal and State tax credits and long term low cost financing, each consumer can achieve " Net Zero Energy Goal". This can be achieved by retrofits to conserve energy and apply new green technology to produce green energy.
Sustainable communities should promote " Net Zero" strategies for their public infrastructure. Imagine Town Halls, Libraries, Fire Halls, Public works Garages, water and waste water plants producing as much energy as they consume. It is achievable in 10-20 years, but needs the Will to do it.
So on September 11, 2010, let us set our goals high and start the journey. Our future economic Development depends on this.
Good Luck

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