Friday, July 09, 2010

Internet bringing Sustainability Professionals together

I was on an Internet Radio show today sharing ideas on Green is Gold concepts with business leaders. Without leaving my desk, I was connected with the world where anyone could have logged on to the show and hear my thoughts. What an opportunity to collaborate with people who share the passion and learn to make our world a better place. Through the Internet I hope others will help me and give me an opportunity to help them reach the green goals.

We can make the right choices and follow the laws of nature and reduce our dependence on oil and other non-renewable resources. The opportunity to create net-zero buildings, factories and communities is in our hand. July 4th 2020 is going to be a much better time, experienced by smarter sustainable green communities who will take action now to create a better future.

Living with such dream will make the journey very exciting and offer a challenging experience. What are we waiting for? start now.


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