Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cape Cod striving to be Green Community

It was many years ago that I came here for vacation. So much has changed since then.
This week I am here and was pleasantly surprised to see a map at visitors bureau showing all the green projects spread across the area. Wind mills, solar panels, water wheels are all over. Some Towns such as Barnstable, Provincetown and Falmouth seems to be ahead due to their environmental friendly policy.
Nature has given so much to this area and it is good to see that communities are taking advantage of the free gift from Nature. Seeing PV panels on the roof and windmills all over is sign of smart community that has done something to save money and control energy costs.
Where else you can find a HESS gas station with three wind mills mounted on the roof above the gas pumps? Great move by the petrolium industry. Others should take note and follow.


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