Friday, September 19, 2008

It is Time for Leaders to Green American Economy

Most of us have watched the Wall Street go in tumbles and our Government trying to bail out the institutions with our money. Billions and trillions in debts is simply covering some greed inspired management people who received bonuses and gain from very poor decisions. This money is not going to create any new technologies or jobs but represents a stop gap measure.

Where are the Leaders with guts to invest in green technologies that can save energy, development renewable energy technologies and many green jobs in America? With interest rates at low levels, now is the time to set a goal of energy independence and make funds from Green bond available for installing green energy savings systems. This could be done by loaning money for 10 year terms so the borrowers would pay for it from the savings. The funds will never finish and keep feeding money for energy improvements for ever. The existing retirement funds could easily fund this revolving green fund. The other benefits of reducing global warming and local job creations are worth starting such initiatives. This will make every community take the steps for sustainable Green improvements.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger Ron Robins said...

Good thoughts. You might like to look at my site. It covers the latest global green-ethical investing news. It's at

Best wishes, Ron Robins

At 8:20 PM, Blogger ram shrivastava said...

Ron and his website are very useful in learning about investments in companies that are in ecoventures with energy and environmental solutions for the future. Conscious based investing makes all the sense in todays reality.


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