Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day 2018 -Excitement has started to build for the upcoming 50th Anniversary in 2020

It was great experience for me today to be at Imaginarium to celebrate Earth day on warm 55 F sunny Day. This building happens to be an exemplary Net Zero Energy building in the Town of Irondequoit NY.
It is a fun filled center for learning about green measures and makes you aware of the natural resources that can help us build smart buildings in Climate Smart Communities such as Town of Irondequoit NY based on NYSDEC certification.
This week, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to make a presentation on Energy planning strategy for a small Town or Village to become Energy Independent with conservation and renewable energy generation in New York State. Our State Goal is 50% renewable energy by 2030. This ambitious goal is certainly possible if the community leaders make up their mind and take advantage of public- private partnership with Solar Developers.
Two years later the world will celebrate 50th Year of Earth Day. Imagine how many people would have shifted to Electric Vehicles with Vehicle charging station located every 500 miles near restaurants and malls so with fast charger you can take a 30 minute break and have enough charging done with superfast chargers so you can travel another 200 miles.
There are going to be many models available for EV's with common range exceeding 225 miles.
Better days are ahead as the Utilities get on board with smart chargers and night time charging at lower power rates. With smart digital meters at our homes the power grid of 2020 will be lot more user friendly and rewarding smart customer to save money.
We should welcome the change and take steps to say Goodbye to oil and gasoline. Technology will soon make this Gasoline driven car option obsolete within 20 Years. Our grand kids will someday ask in wonder- you drove a dirty gasoline car Grandpa?


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