Thursday, August 12, 2010

Natural gas drilling causes an environmental cost which can be avoided

I saw a documentary today - the title was "Gas Town". What a sad story to watch but the message was simple. We are sacrificing nature in the name of created necessity to depend on oil or natural gas. The supporter say that we need it to use American sourced product and not import oil. This is better, it helps local economy and create jobs. Smart people can see the greed behind these words.

The natural beauty of our country is too precious to sacrifice as we see what they have done with coal mines and gas drilling in shale formations. What amazes us is that conservation, Wind, Solar, water and land based green solutions are not promoted. Today the technology exists to retrofit homes for day lighting, use solar to make electricity, use geothermal heat pump system to heat and air condition the building, provide natural ventilation and harvest rain water. All of these natural resources are around us and FREE. Long term financing can help enhance the value of energy efficient homes while reducing the monthly utility cost. The dream of net zero homes is achievable with tax incentives and long term financing.
Green is Gold. Take advantage of it and say good bye to oil or natural gas.

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