Thursday, August 05, 2010

Climate Change - Watch or Act?

Warmest day in America is what the TV news says today. Some part of Texas today experiencing 113 F. Unfortunately, in northern Pakistan people are hungry and watching their Villages washed away by a Flood that has never been seen before. These are examples of extreme climate events.

Are we helpless and will we keep watching such events occur more frequently and get worse?

Meanwhile, the Government and Utilities look for ways to meet power demand and wish that we find an alternative that does not depend on combustion of carbon based fuels. Economically we hope and pray that cost of energy are controlled and ignore that many of our buildings waste energy.

Taking a passive approach is negative and bad for our society. On the other hand, the Green initiatives give us hope and save us energy and money. What we need is the change in our financial institution policies that allow long term payment options. There is wisdom in building green power system paid over 15 to 20 years time frame. It can stabilize power costs and reduce CO2 emissions. These are the benefits of taking action and nation building process.
What are we waiting for?
Let us act now before it is too late.


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