Saturday, August 08, 2015

Power of the Sun 200GW- Building equivalent of 200 Nucelar Power plants in six Years?

Where do they plan to build Solar PV systems equivalent of 200 nuclear power plants in Six years?
It happens to be India who recently took bids from North American companies and awarding contracts at lowest cost per Kwh.

The Private solar developers quoted about 8 cents per Kwh for large GW size systems as part of the ambitious plans announced by Govt of India.

Climate change is REAL. America can lead the world and not follow by adopting this technology at much larger scale. Imagine how long will it take if you wanted to build one Nuclear power plant in America? Clean energy from Sun is now creating hundreds of GW of solar power at a fast pace unimagined by anyone few years ago.

This is very good news as the Power from Sun becomes affordable and fast to implement.

Hope both Democrats and Republicans take advantage of this Free Gift from Nature to solve our energy problem and deal with Climate change.

Sustainable Green communities achieving Energy Independence is our goal. Better days are ahead.


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