Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Energy Indendence Resolve Today

The president mentioned the need for EI tonight as he talked about oil spill and the severe environmental and economic impacts. He mentioned our past accomplishments of going to Moon. I only wish he had gone a step more and announced that July 4th 2020 is going to be called "EI Day".

We all know what "D-Day" means. We also carry a sad meaning to the number "911". A successful movie few years ago was called "ET". "IT" reminds us about all the computer networks running everything we do using the technology. How about starting the new word "EI" which stands for Energy Independence. Let us take this challenge and make a goal for reaching EI by July 4th 2020.

The journey toward this goal would be the most exciting and emotionally charging to our soul. This positively driven effort will set us free. I would love to see individuals, Businesses and communities making the EI announcements and enjoy the feeling of elation which only comes to truly free people.

We are politically free today but by oil dependent economy, slave to this habit.
It is time that we resolve to kick the habit and be truly sustainable and a peaceful world, living with mother natures free gifts of water, sun, wind and land.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

Energy Independence Day July 4, 2020

It has been an interesting experience when we suggest that our Green communities should be considering a bold goal of being Energy Independent by July 4th 2020.

Ten years of smart planning gives enough time to get this done!

There are few believers of this possible independence idea at this stage, but it has got the attention of many more. If we believe it and resolve to do it, then we will find ways to get this done.

We hope that Some Leaders will have the courage to make this decision and do it, and then many more will follow. The interest rate are currently very low to create your own municipal revolving loan financing and make the renewable energy and energy conservation investments. Savings from future energy costs would payback the loan and then we keep the savings forever.

What happens to the price of Oil? Cut the demand and keep the price low till we get off this bad oil habit.

We can only pray and hope that the Country moves forward with new vision and resolve.