Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome the Hydrogen based power for your Home

It was good to see hydrogen based power generation system given top 10 discoveries to save the world by a national TV news organization. Imagine each home with hydrogen fuel generator that converts the natural gas into car fuel. Natural gas may come from coal gasification or biomass conversion both nonrenewable and renewable options.
With nanotechnolgy and recently reported 90% drop in cost of fuel cell electrodes, it may not be too far that within 5-10 years we would see true distributed power generation where electricity and heat is produced at each home via the Home fuel cell system and the Electrolyzer producing hydrogen for the automobiles.
Good bye to oil! appears to be not too far away. The Green sustainable revolution will provide the right peaceful response to the oil supplier with hostile attitude towards America.
Adios! You can keep that oil.